Moving the Research Agenda Forward

The national research priorities identified during the Dietitians and Community Mental Health: Setting the Research Agenda project established a foundation that will help direct multiple stakeholders in formulating studies, policies, and knowledge translation initiatives aimed at the optimization of population nutrition and mental health.

Since the completion of the CIHR-funded consultation, project team members have done preliminary work in presenting the findings at various conferences and in scientific publications. However, more targeted work is required to fully disseminate the results and effectively engage investigators and knowledge users to act on the findings in research, practice, and policy-making. Since the best predictor of research uptake is early and continued involvement of relevant stakeholders, a sustained and deliberate effort must now be made to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue about the research priorities and initiate investigations that represent a true collaboration between researchers and knowledge users. Actively engaging stakeholders from research, policy, practice, and those with experiential understanding will require focused and proactive facilitation.

Bridging the Divide

Bridging the Divide is a targeted knowledge mobilization initiative centered on two objectives:

(1) To increase awareness of the national mental health and nutrition research priorities

We will develop and disseminate tailored knowledge products and activities related to the four research priorities identified from the national, multiā€stakeholder consultation.

(2) To encourage collaboration among researchers, practitioners, decision-makers and other relevant partners by facilitating intersectoral learning opportunities

To meaningfully “bridge the divide” between nutrition and mental health stakeholders, we will engage both the research community and knowledge users to act on common research priorities that aim to optimize nutrition and mental health products, programs, services, and policy.

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Advisory Committee

The Bridging the Divide Advisory Committee provides guidance to the project team on how best to increase awareness of the national mental health and nutrition research priorities and how to cultivate intersectoral partnerships to advance activities in these areas.