Research Priorities

Based on the integrated analysis of this national multi-step initiative, four nutrition and mental health research priorities were identified.

Nutrition and Mental Health Programs and Services
Identify nutrition program/service needs, gaps and barriers for people living with mental health conditions with respect to healthy diet, food access and skills development.
Identify and implement effective models of care to address nutrition and mental health needs in community settings.
Service Provider Roles in the Provision of Nutrition Care
Explore and define roles and responsibilities of mental health service providers, including dietitians, in the effective provision of nutrition care to individuals living with mental health conditions in the community.
Enhance collaboration and cross-training among service providers, and improve access to nutrition care at the most effective points of intervention.
Informing Policy through Determinants of Health
Investigate the impact of social determinants (housing, income, education, employment, etc.) on diet, food security and mental health.
Advocate for and establish effective systems-level policies to benefit people living with mental health conditions.
Knowledge Translation and Exchange
Explore and evaluate methods of knowledge translation and exchange to effectively mobilize evidence from nutrition and community mental health research.
Improve dissemination and uptake of new and existing knowledge to strengthen the impact of community services, inform policy and program decision-makers, and increase food literacy in the target population.