Nutrition and Mental Health
Programs and Services

Identify nutrition program/service needs, gaps and barriers for people living with mental health conditions with respect to healthy diet, food access and skills development. Identify and implement effective models of care to address nutrition and mental health needs in community settings.

Better to funnel research dollars into programs, services and policies that will have tangible benefits. — Survey respondent involved with mental health knowledge exchange

I know about the importance of nutrition, I can afford food, and I can cook, but I don’t eat well, because meal preparation takes too much effort when I’m depressed. — Lived experience survey participant

There is a strong need for a coordinated provincial and/or national approach to evaluating current or newly developed nutrition and physical activity programs and the effects that these initiatives have on the lives of clients with mental health conditions. Ideally this process will lead to best practices for nutritional management of mental health conditions based on evidence. — Survey respondent