Informing Policy through
Determinants of Health

Investigate the impact of social determinants (housing, income, education, employment, etc.) on diet, food security and mental health. Advocate for and establish effective systems-level policies to benefit people living with mental health conditions.

Many [of my clients] use the food bank but that is limited, often rent, other bills and any addictions whether it’s smoking, drinking or something else are often looked at first, food seems to be last on the priority list. It can be hard to work with peopleā€¦if they are constantly hungry or sick because of lack of nutrition. — Mental health service provider

As a service provider serving marginalized populations, the link is essential for those trying to achieve mental wellness. Food insecurity and poverty overlap with many of those that we serve, and research in multiple areas sets the stage for overall improvement in health care outcomes, program design, and policy change for people with lived experience. — Mental health service provider